Up to 400 dials 3 full-time

Protection against moisture ipx 7 Dynamics, There is no microphone, gps and nfc Under 6,000 orders with an average rating at 49 Alerts come from everything

Russian language is At the same time, the watch ultra economy For me – the norm Hello Hello everyone, you are on the channel no good here too quick and capacious reviews, long streams with answers to your questions and a draw of 5 fitness bracelets mi band 4 randomly times per month per like, subscription and koment, all my contacts and conditions of the draws in detail in the description for the video Mata and rudeness, and advertising on channel no Now thesis is about smart Fitness watch COLMI P8

Packaging is outwardly pleasant Kit, watch with strap, charging cable frog, instruction and all Maximum ultra economy exc packaging Now the main thing for ourselves hours They connect simply

Just download to play Market Yes fit, enable bluetooth on the phone To give program all permissions update firmware and configure watch for yourself Starting from alerts and ending functionality The processor at the clock on board Nordic 52832 The borders of the screen are pretty large, not like on photo or on box, size 1

4 inches, 240 by 240 pixels Battery 170 mah with real autonomy in 4 days Touch screen The response from the screen is excellent You cannot call from a watch

Pressure is measured randomly Through the program, you can install three alarms Bracelet search from the program is possible Watch if desired menstrual cycle from the program, and such a function, I certainly I see for the first time Training as well as tracking data saved as in the phone, so in the program

Watch cases 5 colors to choose from Ancient bluetooth, version 40 but from the phone the clock does not fall off Stopwatch yes, countdown no if from a stopwatch exit – it will reset Side physical button used about return to the main menu and activation screen

Weight with strap 44 grams Watch sizes 42 mm by 34 mm by 14 mm High quality assembled The clock shows the weather taken from the internet after how are you in the program indicate your index The screen brightness is 6 degrees, information is visible in the sun

7 types of sports tracking functions Count as standard pulse, number of steps, time, calories and distance The most real of these data is time and distance The rest with such an error, what would I given information for activity analytics I wouldn’t take it into account Available flashlight function

Sleep can be tracked, but I’m not interested in this function, although it’s comfortable to sleep in them The stock strap is not from better plastic and his I would immediately change, but tactile the strap is better than hail ls1 On board work functions player control although you can only watch pause and play leaf through the composition Bluetooth is also available button to control the camera your phone Works also with a bang

The accelerometer inside is pretty sound, counts steps quite adequate Error regarding smart watches xiaomi amazfit stratos 3 is not more than 5 percent What a very good result Heart rate monitor reads, and on a hand alone lying, so better on him don't hope with real indications of 77 hits tonometer, these watches give out 66 shots Pressure measures too absolutely randomly like finger to the sky

Values gives absolutely torn from reality There is a measurement function blood saturation with oxygen Here, too, talk about accuracy there is nothing Hours per second give you a random result At the air, consider saturation oxygen too

The call shows if there is a name in the subscriber in your phone book – shows his, if not, a phone number Reset and respond to call is not allowed The vibration power of the watch is not adjustable, but vibro is hard to miss Good watch tremble You can enable airplane mode or silent mode through curtain in the watch itself

Sale price with coupons now about 16 dollars with free shipping to anywhere in the world by reference in the description for the video Do not know where to get coupons, like what to buy – add to my group in the cart We will explain There, by the way, is also prohibited advertising and mat I summarize

I advise it again an alternative to mi band 4 in the shape of a watch Although the bands closer to me, I understand those who is close to the form factor hours Remember that this Warrant Ultra Economy and wonder at the quality of the strap, large borders and the lack of gps for the money stupid If this review gets 2000 likes, buy a couple more similar watches of different firms to tell you

Today on the channel for 5-band streams 4 series Come see – maybe you won And not forget to write in comments what else to buy for a review Yes or no, good no will give an answer! Good and good luck, friends!

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