100 DAY CHALLENGE | Day 1 – Faith and Fitness

okay cool guys we are the last to leave the gym now it's all just gone black I'm the the third last car and there's a car guard here that shame I mean it's quarter passed eight on a Sunday night and he's yeah with the last cars and just hoping to get so I've got a pile of five rounds here I wish I found in my bag instead of spreading it out one by one by one oh gaurds I found one that I can just give it all to and actually really create an impact so if you're gonna see a bit of a interesting situation I love doing this sho my man I've got one for you yeah and and that one in that one and this one that one and this one mKulu Jesu away okay you get them enjoy you mustn't thank me you must say thanks to Mkulu Jesu to your God? to God?? king Jesus, ya you must speak to him enjoy your night bru okay so he was pretty chilled he can't speak English to well so he was a bit in shock I'm but I absolutely love doing that, theres other car gaurds i give a few hundred bucks to and they absolutely and they absolutely lose their mind I've had a guy freaking out saying oh my king my king I said don't call me your king, i am not your king, not one thing I own is mine everything i have is a gift from God the Bible says that all good gifts are from the the father and if you understand that and grasp that concept that you know that all good gifts are from him then he can take it all away you can do whatever he want wants with this stuff so you just got to make sure that you always put God first and give him glory for all things on your time here on earth in your life, and don't start thinking it's all you and be doing it at the flick of a switch, things can change if you don't just like the bible says at the beginning of all wisdom is the fear of the Lord And i didnt understand that verse until I figured out that after you see God as a heavenly father, the same as a father here on earth if a child didn't fear in his dad the spanking he would get from his dad or didnt listen to his father, if the child didnt fear him he wouldnt have respect so if the father said do this, the child wouldnt have respect for his father and actually listen to them

Soo that's the kind of fear it's a fear of love in respect if you don't fear the Lord and know that hes in control of everything and some people today call it karma ha it goes deeper than Karma deep-seated situation to what karma is sweet guys hope you enjoy I'm just about to start now a no idea but yeah so if you guys enjoy have a great weekend plan your week ahead planning for success good things all the goals you want in life are not gonna just happen you got to put them down on pen and paper step one you start building your empire your vision your passion your purpose your dream whatever it is and it can be done it depends how bad you want it for people who say I don't know why good things that happens I don't know I can't get my dreams i cant achieve my goals is because you don't want to deep subconsciously you don't wanted enough you've gotta figure out your why you have to know why you want to go after the stuff

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