100 Lbs in 4 Months | Debra Stefan Fitness Mens Weight Loss Camp

At my house, we practice the lifestyle walk the walk and talk the talk I'm Debra Stefan At my private live in weight loss residence, Success comes quickly when you do all the right things all at the same time

The stats? 55 and a half pounds down in 54 days at live-in Fitness with Debra Stefan Very good experience Well, I've come to the end of my stay here I've lost 8 inches off my waist about 2 inches off my neck Trainings been great Definitely the workouts are second to none Debra will challenge, you push you

Sometimes that's what you need If you really want to make a change in your life something that you're gonna take home This program is excellent It is not for the faint of heart, though It's very difficult It's a lot of work It's a lot of hours In the end though, that's what makes it worth it

You do set goals The magic of this program is that and it's just the beginning It's nice to have an end of the journey, but in the end It's the journey that matters and has definitely been a journey I've been you know eight weeks I am extremely happy about the decision to come here I did a twenty-mile bike ride from the Las Vegas home all the way to Boulder Beach Absolutely, unbelievable I hated the bike If you would have told me you know, what you're gonna have a great time riding 20 miles on a bicycle I would wonder what drugs you are on I also have really learned how to shop how to prepare food Not really how to cook it

How to prepare it How to plan out my week and hard-boil a lot of eggs, cook a lot of chicken I'm gonna, I need to make everything convenient, quick so that I can pack food What to look for on labels when shopping for protein bars things of that nature Very helpful, very effective I think going to the grocery store learning how to get into the grocery store Get out of the grocery store

That's extremely helpful effective and I think the overall Support was excellent I think the core principle of this program starts with Debra Stefan's main goal is to help you Achieve your goals and she really cares and that supersedes everything else When you come to this program, you know that this entire program is committed to your success not just your success while you're here But your ongoing success when you leave If you go to some health spa, you're not going to the grocery store or learn how to cook You're not gonna learn how to clean and actually learn a lot of the things in this program that I learned here, though This is no resort it will be like you're at your own home and you will have chores and Responsibilities and I think that for someone that was as pampered as I was my whole life I think it was imperative for me to be in this kind of a program rather than somewhere where somebody powdered my butt So if you're looking for the quick fix or an easy out You should probably go to a resort But if you want to make some real life changes some hard-hitting stuff and come up against physical as well as mental Blocks and move through those then this is the program for you Hi, I'm Debra Stefan I'm here to give you even more proof that you can change your mindset and yes, this time it will be different and you will succeed in your Fitness and weight loss goals once and for all and sustain them

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