5 Tips For Staying On Track With Weight Loss (Low Carb Life Hacks!)

– The weight loss industry is constantly throwing information at us about what we should eat and about what we shouldn't and it seems like there's a new food fad every week I wanna get back to basics today and let you in on some low-carb life hacks to keep in mind so that you can stay on track throughout your weight loss journey, but before I do, I wanna make sure I tell you, about the Code Red 10 Pound Takedown Challenge, especial for those who are ready to experience sustainable weight loss, increase their energy and start healing their body from the inside

Click the link below for information (upbeat music) Pack an emergency stash ahead of time Pack stevia or monk fruit sweetener with you when you go, pack snacks like hard-boiled eggs, almonds, sardines, anchovies, cans of tuna fish Meal prep Prepping your meals for the week means less stress and less time spent planning your daily meals

Keep it simple and spend the 40 minutes to an hour to plan all of your meals out for the week A Crock-Pot or an Instant Pot is a great way to handle meal prep People wanna give me grief, well, I ain't got time, I don't wanna spend the time, I don't wanna spend that hour meal prepping on a Sunday night Look, bottom line is you spend that hour meal prepping on a Sunday night, or you spend that hour in your diabetic doctor's office Monday morning, dealing with your diabetes because it's gone unchecked Either way, you're spending that hour, so you spend that hour doing something healthy, or you spend that hour doing something that's tearing down your body and compromising you and certainly promising an earlier death

Stay hydrated I mean, when in doubt, drink more water The top three biggest rules for Code Red is real food, water and sleep I mean, it's right there in a line, drink more water When you are properly hydrated, you're gonna keep hunger at bay, you're gonna be able to have more energy, you're not gonna reach for sugary snacks and crap you shouldn't be eating

So stay hydrated, you're gonna notice that your day is gonna go so much smoother when you are properly hydrated Get your fiber No matter what you're eating, make sure you're getting your daily fiber intake We're talking about chia seeds, flax meal, your cruciferous vegetables, your high-fiber vegetables, like broccoli or cauliflower, spinach Those are gonna be great for helping to keep you full and get your nutrients in

Above all else, the biggest rule here, you gotta stay away from processed food Rely on real food to fuel you, don't waste your time with processed chemical crap When it comes to weight loss, it's best to keep it simple Don't let the weight loss industry confuse you Just focus on these basics and stay prepared and remember, to check out the Code Red 10 Pound Takedown Challenge in the video description

If you liked this video, give me a big thumbs up and better yet, subscribe to my channel, that way you're notified when I release a new video But I wanna hear from you, what are your low-carb hacks? Did I leave anything out? Comment below, let's learn together and I'll see you on the next video (upbeat music)

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