''A Healthier Way To Lose Waight In 6 Weeks Without Dieting'

Hi everyone, Rosy Intriago speaking reserach at RI Institute Health Of Sciences BIO-NAtura by this video I would like to inform you about the workshop on the 23-1-2020 from University of Leiden Campus The Hague The Netherlands I will introduce a new study methode The Art Of A Healthy Living 'AHalthy WaighTo Lose Way In 6 Weeks'' This methode has been studied, resarch practice in 200 people with very good result We will be talking about the differents factors that influence in the body of the Human being body to lose waigh easely Totally different methode to the usual one, base on the BIO-Natura 6 weeks methode without diet aither gym during this period of time This a very simple and effective methode that you had ever exeperience before

The workshop will take place on the 23-1-2020 in Leiden University Campus The Hague On the 30-1-2020 in Eramus University Rotterdam Do not missing it, for those who have been fighting for years with extra waight for years Take care of your self, your health are the only thing that count in your life Come and take part of it and feels how you would like to feel Our next health subject in resarch is, problem, sickness with the skin This research is still in process, it will take me more or less 6 moths to finish and introduce it

The RI Insititute is base in The Hague The Netherlands Resaerching to improve the worldwide Health You can register by sending an email to [email protected] Untill the 21-1-2020 in The Hague you can register and till 28-1-2020 for Rotterdam Do not forget your health is everything, if you don't feel good with yourself nothing else will be good Big huge see on th 23 or 30 of January In the Hague of Rotterdam

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