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Hi Everyone! I’m Alfina and in this video I’ll tell you how much my fruit eating costs me in Ukraine Yesterday I was in Kiev market did my fruit shopping, I will show what I bought there and how much I paid

Also I’ll show how many fruits I eat per day And right now, click on the subscribe button and the bell so as not to miss my new videos And here’s what I have after yesterday’s purchase What we have here, Ukrainian watermelons, Azerbaijani persimmons and pomegranates, Turkish avocados and Ukrainian grapes and a stem of celery This amount of fruit is enough for me on average for 10-14 days

And now about my expenses For a box of persimmon 85 kg I paid 255 hryvnias, this is equivalent to $ 10 A box of avocado 19 pcs cost me 285 hryvnias – $ 115 A box of grapes 9 kg cost 280 hryvnias – $ 11 Watermelon 30 kg cost 150 hryvnias – this is $ 6 Pomegranate 25 kg – 140 hryvnias – also almost $ 6 Celery 50 UAH – $ 2 Totally I paid – 1160 UAH – $ 46

5 If divide this amount by 10 days we’ll get $ 47, and if by 14 – $ 33 And how do you like such kind of fruit budget? I constantly hear the opinion that living on fruit is more expensive than eating traditionally But in fact, fruit nutrition is cheaper than traditional Of course, such a calculation is relevant for the period from June to November, starting from December, fruit are getting less and prices are higher, but at least 6 months a year in Ukraine plenty of fruits)) Guys, the best watermelons in Ukraine

And so here is so much fruit I eat per day What we have here, well, one juicy watermelon, one pomegranate, avocado, three persimmons, a bunch of grapes and a celery stalk This is quite enough for me after 5 years of my fruit eating, to get enough and feel great during the day! Write me in the comments how much you spend on your diet in your country And for now that’s all, like this video if it was interesting, and see you in my new videos! By!

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