Coronavirus Fitness | Gym Workout in Home

Mmm yep yep yep Oh good I already do all of these things Oh! How you going

Didn't see you there Just reading this really smart book These are trying times The world needs a leader We ain't got any leaders

We've got elected officials And they're all shit Closest thing we got to a leader is Jimmy Barnes maybe Joe Rogan They're busy doing what Jimmy does and what Joe does

being the coolest guy in the world So in the absence of any leader, I will step up You're welcome

No no no no no, don't thank me send cash So let me hit you with some facts

Slap you with some truth Unless you're me, your immune system is shit It's weak can't withhold this coronavirus So stay indoors Flatten the curve they say I came up with that by the way Patent free

Let me show you some cool things you can do around the home, the house, the shed See this stuff behind me? Stuff leaders have It's not mine It's my dad's I did most of this stuff this morning Which means I've done it once Makes me an expert Charge what I want

For you? It's free When I say show you, I mean tell you It's a combination of reasons One – you couldn't afford me Two – I'm no good with a camera

You can do push-ups, inverted push-ups Put a couple of chairs there A couple of cartons even Those two chairs you got there? Spread 'em apart Put a broom between them

Get a bit of leverage There's your rows Do some sit-ups, some bent leg raises, bent over twists, squats, calf raises and chin-ups Now back in the '70s when Arnie was doing shit that Arnie did getting all big and buff not unlike myself

he posted a thing he wrote a program you could actually use it hey? It's the Teeter It's the teeter hanger

It goes upside down and because it makes dude, it makes me look legit It's the teeter hang up Go have a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Instagram In the bio it's got a program that you can use at home for all you fitness freaks

Teeter hang up

Source: Youtube

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