Follow me through the IU diet for 7 DAYS! KPOP idol diet 아이유 under quarantine (SUB)

Mom bought me these apples I think pink lady apples taste the best if I need more, I can try these apples Since I want to challenge myself for 7 days, I'll need 7 apples First day, I'm very ambitious! I actually don't like eating apples for breakfast but it tastes better than I thought I try to cut it into smaller pieces so that it looks like a lot of apple pieces and I want to make sure to eat as slowly as possible I'm watching the K-Drama Hotel de Luna btw, IU is the main character in Hotel de Luna haha She is so skinnyand so pretty! This sweet potato is old it looked good on the outside but was very dry on the inside I have to eat it anyway it tastes ok this is a protein shake with regular cow milk Day 2: I'm not feeling well, I'm getting sick I wish I could have chicken broth but I'm not going to stop, I want to finish this diet successfully! again cut the apple in thin pieces I'm cutting the sweet potato while listening to online classes I have to attend this time I'm using the air fryer It tastes better than boiled sweet potato When online classes are over, I like to go back to watching Hotel de Luna seeing IU in the drama gives me motivation I'd really like to quit because I'm sick baked sweet potato was definitely better than the boiled version This time I'm drinking protein shake with oat milk, it's really good it's very creamy! Ugh,

I want to eat my oatmeal or a toasted bagel I found the old show Baywatch on Amazon Prime I'm going to watch it while I eat my baked sweet potato air fryers are the best devices in the kitchen Baywatch is a very exciting series I feel even worse now! I have an ear infection that's so bad I have to keep going! Dinner: protein shake with water Day 4 and I'm still sick another day another apple I'm trying to be creative with my sweet potato I'm cutting it into cubes, maybe it will taste better hahaha I seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic, red pepper Wow, this is really good! protein shake with water again ugh, apple again I didn't want to do anything fancy, I just boiled the sweet potato in water I don't think I can ever eat these orange sweet potatoes ever again another protein shake with water only it tastes very bad, I hate protein shakes I hate apples I hate sweet poatoes protein shake with regular cow milk last day, last apple! finally! I'm so happy! I made it look pretty since it's the last day I think I need a looong break until I can eat apples again But, the apple is the best meal compared to the other meals I'm almost done with Hotel de Luna You should watch it if you haven't already it's emotional, exciting, funny and romantiv my mom knew that I hated the orange sweet potatoes and that is why she bought me a WHITE sweet potato THEY ARE SO GOOD they taste like white potatoes with honey and the texture is totally different I wish I had these for the past 6 days I wanted a pretty shake, so I put in a few raspberries and blended them together with cow milk and protein powder it looks very good, doesn't it? I wish I'd have done it sooner! WHAT? I only lost 29 kg I'm disappointed

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