Helpful tip to losing weight the healthy way and not be hungry by using time restricted eating.

This is Steve Hughlett from balance pit lifestyles com and today I just want to talk to you a little bit about losing weight and healthy ways of eating it's not just about losing weight its healthy ways of eating and remember it's not about a calorie in verses a calorie out that is old news and that is incorrect it's all about the type of calories that you put in and when you put those in your body so it's what you eat and when you eat so if you want to hear a little bit more stay tuned and I'll give you a little picture of what I'm talking about This is Steve Hughlett from balance net lifestyles

com and I just wanted to explain something that I'd learned in my last two years of really listening, watching and reading everything I can on obesity on adult obesity childhood obesity type 2 diabetes metabolic syndrome these are all the same thing and we have plenty of videos that that all talk about this will break this down and I actually have an entire hour talk that I gave to the pediatric seminar where I work, and and that's going to talk all about this but today this is just going to be one little segment and this is something that I heard and this has to do with not necessarily eat but when you eat it and this was a perfect example of something that I'd heard and it has to do with a campfire and what this is how many of you really enjoy a good campfire you go camping you sit around a campfire isn't it great you just sit back and the way you get a fire going and you take some kindling and you throw the kindling on the fire and then you take some kindling and throw it on the fire and then take some kindling and throw it on the fire and it burns down takes more kindling throw it on the fire no, nobody does a campfire like that that's not how you make a campfire the way you make a campfire is you take this kindling and you put it in the fire and you get a good fire going and then you take these big old logs and you throw these big old logs on the fire and then you just sit back just enjoy this nice warm fire and then as those big logs burn down they take some more big logs you throw those on the fire and you sit back and enjoy the conversation just let those logs burn down now this is exactly the way that you're supposed to use the energy that we have in our food we are not supposed to be throwing kindling on our fire all the time and in this scenario what this is is the kindling are the carbohydrates that we eat all the processed food that we eat all the sugar all the high fructose corn syrup all this horrible stuff that's horrible for our bodies and when we throw it on our bodies all the time all we're doing is we're we're burning kindling that's all we're doing and we never give our bodies a chance to get to the fat cells the fat that's in our storage cells and that's the big logs the big logs they're all the fat that our body store and our subcutaneous tissue and this is perfectly good this is normal this is the way our bodies are made to do it when we eat food then our body takes that and it takes breaks down the protein into amino acids so we can use that for building blocks of our different cells and our hormones and different things in our bodies it takes a good healthy animal fat that we eat and it takes that and that uses make all the cell membranes in our bodies helps to make some hormones in our bodies and it gets stored as fat in our subcutaneous tissue and this is what we need for those times of fasting and when I say fasting I just mean those times that we're not eating so we'll eat and then we'll fast and then we eat and then we fast and some people they fast for two to three hours and some people fast for two to three days So, what you want to do is you want to be able to use the fat in our fat cells and this is why I want to talk to you about time restricted eating some people call it intermittent fasting whatever w you want to call it but it means we are not supposed to be eating all the time when we eat every two to three hours we're just sitting there and we just keep throwing Kindling on our fire and what happens is our body is using all that all that kindling that we put on our bodies and we never get a chance to get to our big logs we never get a chance to get to that subcutaneous fat tissue that we're supposed use and what we actually do especially when we're eating processed food we're actually putting more and more fat in our subcutaneous fat cells and so when you constantly

constantly fill your fat cells and you never give your body a chance to burn all that fat off that's how our obesity rates are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and this is why our obesity rate starts skyrocketing and our type-2 diabetes started skyrocketing and our metabolic syndrome started skyrocketing just as soon as we went to the no fat low fat diets because we found that this is the worst thing that we could be putting in our bodies the no fat and low fat food because of the types of sugar and high fructose corn syrup and these processed fats these trans fats we are putting in our bodies so the way we're supposed to eat is just like this eat in a short window skip a meal just skip either your breakfast or skip dinner it doesn't matter but skip one meal a day only eat in a narrow range like a six to eight hour period every single day and in that six or eight hour period you can eat what you want hopefully you still stay away from the processed food and the things that are bad for you but you can eat what you want and then that leaves the next 16 to 18 hours of that day

so think of it as a campfire we don't want to be throwing kindling on our in our fire all the time we want to have the time to sit back and enjoy those big old logs now think of it also if you do have a roaring fire and you have these big old logs that are sitting on there if you want to have kindling every now and then you want to throw that kindlingn on the fire that's perfectly fine your body will eat up that can't burn up that kindling and then all of a sudden I'll go back to using your fat in your cells again even though burn those big old logs the problem is when we just keep throwing kindling on kindling on kindling and we never get a chance to use those big logs so time restricted eating skip one meal a day use the rest of the time to just narrow those other two meals as close together every six to eight hour period maybe less if you could do all you're eating in four hour window maybe you can work it out where you only one meal a day and you'll but you'll find out when you eat one meal a day or when you have this time restricted eating you don't get as hungry as you think you would you actually don't get hungry at all because when you eat this way you're actually you have the storage of fat cells on your body all the time so your body isn't craving these carbohydrates that we put in it that's why you get hungry because we're eating these carbohydrates then make our sugar go up make our insulin go up and then all of a sudden our our Sugar's go down and we are starving to death but if you're just sitting there and you're eating off your fat cells you never do get hungry trust me I do it my wife does it and you can go for you can go for one two three days and you never get hungry learn how to become a fat burner quit being a carb burner learn how to burn your big logs quit burning kindling for your life source do yourself a huge favor you'll be able to lose weight you'll have a lot more energy you won't ever be tired and you won't be hungry kind of information out there that can help you learn how to do this time restricted eating or intermittent fasting these are just two different phrases that say the same thing please try it I guarantee this is going to help you lose your weight and have more energy so hope you enjoyed this think about whether you're going to be living off kindling or whether you want to live off your big logs and a campfire is much much more enjoyable when you have some big logs to burn so see you on your next video

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