HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AT HOME | Weight Loss Tips + Home Workout Routine

I’m a big believer of doing what you can, with what you have, where you are Because right now, depending on where you live, you might not have access to a gym

Or maybe you never had a gym membership to begin with And that’s okay I’ve always been a big believer that getting a gym membership is just icing on the cake in your health and wellness journey So in this video, I want to specifically talk about how to lose fat at home, and you’re probably at home watching this, without having to go the gym These are the exact same principles that I give to all my students and some of them don’t have gym memberships, period

So it’s entirely possible to do this And what I’m about to teach you is specifically meant to help you lose fat and keep it off Who doesn’t want that? Here’s one of my students, one year later after dropping a whopping 70 lbs So that’s what we want Here’s another one

She lost 80 lbs And she’s been able to keep it off as well You want long term sustainable fat loss Not a crash diet If that’s what’s you’re looking for? You’re in the right place

Before we get started… Okay, let’s clear something up right away You should not be aiming for weight loss That’s actually not the right term I know that’s kinda the generally accepted verbiage and I even use it sometimes But you want to be aiming for fat loss

Because there’s a world of difference between the two If you lose 20 lbs of weight for example but if some of that is muscle and some of that is fat, you might actually end up with a higher body fat percentage But if you just aim for 20 lbs of fat, and maintain muscle mass, then that is called body recomposition and you’re gonna look good shirtless as a side effect This is what 25 lbs of fat loss looks like She also dropped 6 dress sizes

That’s what we want Here’s the thing Fat loss really comes down to 4 key principles Number one is a calorie deficit combined with hormone optimization, number two is resistance training, number three is proper fuel Specifically adequate protein intake

And number four is making supportive lifestyle choices that upregulate your fat burning metabolism Beyond that, it’s gonna require some individualization Bio individuality plays a huge role in this Like how long you’ve been carrying the weight that you’re trying to lose Your genetic predisposition to putting on weight

How aggressive you want to be when it comes to achieving your goals That’s why following a proven step-by-step fat loss system is extremely important when it comes to this and I’m gonna like to my program at the top right hand corner here if you wanna know more about it But if you stick to the 4 main principles that I’m gonna give you, it’s gonna get you pretty far So let’s break them down Key principle #1 You need to be on a calorie deficit combined with hormone optimization

I always get the the CICO zealots commenting on my videos about this Yes, it’s calories in vs calories out, but only if you optimize your hormones If you just cut calories, it ain’t gonna work There is a world of difference between the two And there are two ways to approach achieving a calorie deficit and optimizing your hormones at the same time

First is the methodical way which is to use a calorie counting app like MFP and you should check out my video tutorial about it if you’ve never used a calorie counting app before Basically, the gist of it is you put information about yourself Like your height, weight, activity level, goals, and what not and it gives you a number of calories And your job is to eat those calories every day by logging in your food and staying below that number and you're gonna lose weight And this is something that I recommend to a lot of my students especially if they’re just starting out

And they have no idea about how much they should be eating, this becomes even more paramount Because you can’t control what you can’t measure But if you want long term sustainable fat loss, which is what we’re aiming for, then you are going to eat foods that optimize your hormones Specifically, a diet that moderates your insulin levels Because insulin is what controls your body weight

And the best diet that moderates your insulin levels is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet And I also made a video about the best superfoods for weight loss that covers this topic in detail so make sure you check that out But basically, you want to build your diet around plants and animals and you want to eat single ingredient, mostly unprocessed, nutrient dense foods Whole foods I want you to eat real food

And I recently made a video on what I eat in a day so make sure you check that out But my diet reflects exactly that principle And this is the physique plus or minus a couple of pounds here and there that I’ve been able to maintain over the last 8 years Now, if you’re not about the macro tracking life That is okay, I also have students achieve great success and they’ve never heard of MFP before and I also have a lot of other videos that talks about how to lose weight without counting calories so make sure you check them out

You have a lot of homework here But in either case One of the most powerful tools you can use if you want to lose body fat is to incorporate time restricted eating or intermittent fasting And this is such an amazingly easy way to create a calorie deficit Because when you fast, your body will simply tap into your stored energy to fuel itself

And that’s in the form of stored glycogen and body fat That’s what it’s there for It’s not just there for looks And you have about 100,000 calories worth of it waiting to be used And I arm always get asked this question

What’s the best exercise to get rid of love handles? What’s the best workout to get rid of arm fat? It’s simple It’s 5 sets of stop putting so much food in your mouth Here’s all I want you to think about It’s not about eating less, but less frequently Because you can bet that there is a world of difference with how your body reacts if you eat 6 small meals every day, versus eating all your calories in one sitting

If you’re just eating one meal a day, for example But the minimum effective dose is a 16 hour fast Ideally, you’re only eating two meals Anything shorter than that, and you’re not really maximizing the benefits Like a 14 hour fast is better than nothing, I guess, if you’re just starting out

But the longer you go, the better So you can do 16, 18, 20, or even a 24 hour fast where you’re just eating one meal a day But let’s use the MED So you fast for 16 straight hours and that includes your sleep, then you have an 8 hour eating window to eat all your food if you’re tracking your calories If you’re not tracking then just eat all the green leafy non starchy vegetables with some animal protein and let your satiety hormones tell you that you’re full

Because, at the end of the day Weight loss is not about counting calories It’s about controlling hunger That’s why you want to eat highly satiating foods because they will actively turn off ghrelin which is your hunger hormone And the most satiating foods are fats, protein, and green leafy non starchy cruciferous vegetables

Because they all activate your satiety hormones Specifically, CCK, PYY, and that stretch mechanism in your stomach from the fibre in vegetables And I just have to mention this This is why eating low calorie ice cream, granola bars, and other low calorie processed foods, all for the sake of calories is a one way ticket to hunger city Because they don’t activate your satiety hormones

Notice how you can’t just eat one dorito chip? You have to eat the entire bag Same with with eating breakfast cereal By mid morning, you’re hungry The quality of your food also matters Because you can bet that there is a world of difference between the nutritional profile of grass fed and grass finished beef versus grain fed beef grown in a feed lot

Same thing with cheap eggs vs pasture raised eggs And you can just see it in the yolk Pasture raised eggs have this rich orange yolk and cheap eggs have a light yellow egg yolk And I firmly believe that eating high quality foods doesn’t have to break the bank I have a separate video on how to eat healthy on a budget if you want to know more about it

Now, if you are tracking calories, I highly recommend that once a week, you want to eat above your calorie deficit number And you can call this your re-feed day or your cheat meal And this does two things A) you should not be in a calorie deficit 365 days out of the year because your body is an adaptation machine, and B) it keeps people sane And this type of diet flexibility increases adherence drastically

And adherence is everything when it comes to your success It's impractical to tell someone that they can’t enjoy the foods they love every once in a while If somebody tells me that I can’t eat cheesecake forever, I will not listen Yes, the process might take longer doing it this way But the results will be so much more permanent

Like what is the point of working really hard for like 12 weeks let’s say But at the end of it, you just eat everything in site and you put all the weight back on? Where the logic in that? I’d rather take a slower approach where I get to keep my sanity, and this whole thing becomes more of a lifestyle This is how you get long term sustainable results So that covers all the basics when it comes to just strictly fat loss in terms of diet But you want to have a multifaceted approach when it comes to this

Because the first principle is just one piece of the pie So let’s get into the second principle of losing fat at home which is resistance training Let me just start off by saying that you cannot go through life and expect to be healthy and have good quality of life, without exercise If you are not willing to do some form of it, I am not your guy Stop watching this video

It won’t hurt my feelings You should seek divine intervention instead Listen, if exercise could be put in a pill, it would be the biggest blockbuster medication of all time Some of the awesome benefits include, better insulin sensitivity, and I just mentioned how important it is to moderate your insulin levels You get reduced stress from exercise, improved brain health, reduced risk for chronic disease, enhanced detoxification, it slows aging process, it improves sexual function, just to name a few

This is why I always say that when it comes to improving your overall health and quality of life, there is literally nothing better you can do than to be as physically strong as humanly possible And you do that through exercise Specifically, resistance training Because that is what's gonna help you lose body fat, and build lean muscle mass Having a lot of lean muscle mass is also a strong indicator of lifespan

It’s also the key driver of your metabolism And the side effect being that you look good shirtless And I love training I really do I miss going to the gym so much

Because I also get access to my people That’s where my community is But right now, I have to make due with working out at home But here’s the problem with the internet If you look up, at home workout for fat loss, you’re gonna get a million options

Most of which are not resistance training and are very cardio based Which is kinda the opposite of what you want when you’re trying to lose fat and build muscle You don’t want to get into chronic cardio workouts The cool thing is you don’t even need any equipment to get started with this I always say that you don’t need exercise machines

You are the machine And if you want a proven step by step plan on short but extremely effective workouts, then make sure you check out my Again, do what you can with what you have, where you are

Here’s what you can do as a sample workout routine using your dog I obviously had a little bit of fun with it but do you kinda see what I mean here? Now if you’re fortunate enough to have access to some home gym equipment then that’s awesome You can use that I’m actually working on a DIY home gym equipment workout video so make sure you out for that Just remember that proper diet and IF is for fat loss, resistance training is for building muscle

They go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly The third principle of losing fat at home is proper fuel Specifically, getting adequate protein intake This goes hand in hand with resistance training So when you do resistance training, you’re creating micro tears in your muscle fibres

And protein is the building block to help repair those muscle so they become stronger and bigger If you are a good student and you’re actively doing resistance training, then I recommend getting 07 to 08 grams per pound of lean body mass If you’re super active, if you play sports, you can eat as high as 1 gram per pound of lean body mass

Anything more than that is unnecessary and it can get expensive Your lean body mass is your weight minus your body fat And you can kinda ballpark your body fat percentage Here’s a little chart for example and just do a little math from there For example, a 120 lb person with 20 lbs of fat has a lean body mass of 100 lbs

So this person would have to eat 70 to 80 grams of protein in order to maintain and build muscle And I highly recommend that you get your protein intake from whole foods Preferably, from sustainably sourced animal products Because the bioavailability of animal protein versus vegetable protein for example is not even remotely close The absorption rate of animal protein is something like 80% while plant protein is something like 20%, Don’t quote me on those numbers, I have to double check, but if they’re even remotely close to being accurate, then there is a world of difference between the two

And no, you do not need protein powders, or protein cookies, or protein pancakes, protein muffins, or protein bars, which are all just gimmicks anyway Like, if you eat a protein cookie for example, you’re still eating a cookie A protein bar is just a snickers bar with some protein Let’s call a spade a spade here Our paleolithic ancestors did not have access to those things and they were all naturally lean and strong

Ya don’t need them Anybody that tells you otherwise went to the bro science academy Protein powders specifically are extremely processed to the nth degree and they’re usually sweetened with sucralose or other artificial sweeteners And they can get really expensive But then somebody will always say, oh I buy the unsweetened version

Cool You must like the taste of cardboard then And let’s circle back to satiety What do you think is more satiating? A scoop of protein powder? Or a couple of eggs or some ground beef? And there’s really only one rule for protein Don’t drink your protein

Eat it The 4th principle of losing fat at home is making proper supportive lifestyle choices that upregulate your fat burning metabolism Here’s the thing You can be in a calorie deficit, eat adequate protein, and do resistance training, but if the other aspects of your life are not in check, you’re gonna be severely disappointed with your results And this is where a lot of people find themselves

Especially the ones that have hit the dreaded weight loss plateau They feel like they’re doing everything right but they’re not losing weight And I see them in the comments section of a lot of my videos So I’m sorry I do my best to respond to as many comments as I can So let’s talk about 3 supportive lifestyle choices that really move the needle

Number 1 Stay active I used to be the poster child of the active couch potato syndrome I would do my workout and then I'd be a couch potato for the rest of the day Listen, if you are sitting all day, even if you worked out for an hour

And you don’t even workout for the entire hour You’re still considered sedentary Did you know that our paleolithic ancestors regularly walked 5 miles every day? That’s a lot I’m not even asking you to walk for 5 kilometres How about setting a goal of walking 10,000 steps? Hitting that mark is extremely beneficial because it’s a big enough goal that if forces you to move throughout the day

There are so many benefits of walking, it’s not even funny And ideally, you’re spreading those 10,000 steps throughout the day Like I personally go for 4 separate walks every day and I look forward to it because I feel a million times better afterwards And I mentioned the concept of micro fitness in one of videos Where let’s say every time you go to the bathroom, you do 5 push ups and 5 air squats which takes seconds

By the end of the day, you would’ve done at least 100 bodyweight reps That adds up real fast Number 2 Get some sleep You’re probably getting sick of me mentioning this if you’ve been following my channel but it’s just so important that it bears repeating every time

None of this is going to work if you don’t get adequate and quality sleep every night The research is staggering when it comes to the connection between lack of sleep and weight gain and poor health in general Your hormones get completely out of whack if you don’t get enough sleep And you just don’t function as well as a human being I have literally never met a person who said, I feel amazing after a poor night sleep

No They feel like crap all day All you want to do is sleep And the bare minimum here is 7 hours in a pitch black room every night Number 3

Manage your stress levels I have another video where I talk about this in further detail But next to poor sleep, chronic stress is the next biggest thing that throws a wrench in your fat loss journey And they usually go hand in hand This is why I’ve been talking a lot about practicing mindfulness, journalling, and staying away from toxic environments in a lot on my videos

Because those strategies are free and they help manage your stress Chronic stress can be extremely detrimental to your health because it leads to chronic inflammation and that’s how people get really really sick Ya don’t want that Listen At the end of the day, my main point for this video is do what you can with what you have, where you are

And know that you’re doing your best here I know you are And that my friends is how you lose fat at home

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