How to Stay Consistent with Diet and Exercise

what's up everyone let's talk about staying consistent with your diet and exercise many people set out with good intentions but for one reason or another life gets in the way and they have trouble staying consistent and on track I'm gonna give you a couple performance tips to help you increase your consistency and further your results in progress tip number one is to develop a fitness routine that you can realistically stick to on a daily basis so that means setting aside time to get your workout in consider what time you workout now and what happens during your day that might interfere with you completing your workout are you tired from work do you just not feel like going to the gym do you get busy with other things evaluate your schedule in pick a time you know you can set aside and stick to for your workout so my advice to you is to pick a time during the day that you would most prefer to workout whether it's morning, afternoon, evening and that you'll be able to stick to so evaluate your schedule figure out when you would most likely be able to get your workout in and stay consistent with it to give you guys an example of what I do I get up early and I work out first thing in the morning because that way there's no opportunity for me to talk myself out of it later in the day or say I'm too tired or if something unexpected comes up it's done it's out of the way it's the first thing I do my second tip to you is to set aside maybe two days a week where you do some meal prepping and I say two days because it's not always practical to cook certain foods in bulk and expect them to last and stay fresh for the entire week so I would say maybe one day on the weekend you do some meal prepping and then one day during the week meal prepping is great because you know you can just pull containers of food out of the fridge throw meal together boom you're done because there's gonna be those times where maybe you have a long day at work or whatever and you just don't feel like cooking you want to order take out or go through a fast food drive-thru but guess what it's just as easy to go in the fridge and put a meal together if your food is already cooked up so I definitely recommend you invest some time into meal prepping the last piece of advice I have for you guys is do something on a daily basis that forces you out of your comfort zone and helps you build discipline right and the reason why you want to do this is because when you're feeling good when you're feeling motivated it's usually pretty easy to stay on track with your working out and your diet right but what about when you're lacking motivation what about when you're feeling tired maybe you know maybe you got a bunch of stuff going on that's when you need discipline that's when discipline comes into play because discipline is what is gonna help you stick to your plan even when you don't want to because it's not realistic to think that every single day you're gonna be a hundred percent motivated there's gonna be days where you're just lacking energy lacking motivation but you know you still want to stay on track you still want to keep putting in that effort right so by forcing yourself out of your comfort zone you know building discipline it's going to help you persevere during those trying times when you're not feeling 100% when you know you maybe are lacking motivation contemplating skipping a workout or you know cheating on your diet it's gonna help you keep pushing forward even though you don't feel 100% comfortable I guess you could say you know that's gonna be it for this video thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up share it subscribe and turn notifications on if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in the next one

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