I'm reversing my grey hair | Raw vegan diet

hi I'm Wilma Haerkens I'm your makeover specialist and in this video I would like to talk about how I'm reversing my white hair so stay tuned I'll be right back so two years ago I started changing my diet and I've been eating a pretty high raw vegan diet not a hundred percent but pretty high I had heard that when people are doing juicing and and following this diet that sometimes their hair if it's going grey can start reversing now I thought this was pretty interesting and I certainly didn't think it was gonna happen to me I have a number of brothers and I could tell you that I have more grey hair than white actually then all all of them put together and for a number of years I started going gray actually I started with a white spot and it started here on the right side of my head in my banks right about here and it just started as a small dot and it just kept growing and growing and growing and it got substantial and then it grew I ended up having another one on the other side and before that point I had already started dying my hair again so it wasn't this color but it was more in the red tones and you know I would see it of course every time I dyed my hair I could clearly see what was going on with my hair very grey very white white white white so anyways it's it's definitely the color that everybody wants but certainly not at the age that it was happening so starting out with a little spot it was kind of cute cool like you know a Stacy London kind of white spot except I wasn't born with mine and before you know it was just kept growing and growing and not so pretty anymore but anyways I ended up dying my hair and I changed my hair to blonde about ten years ago so what I noticed in the last couple of years is that my hair was starting to change I was going back to my natural color now I'm not talking my natural color from 20 years ago cuz your hair does darken this you get older but the white hair was turning dark so the problem is is whenever I do a video I'd always make sure that my my hair was fresh it freshly dyed and as a stylist trying to keep up and make sure that my image is up to par this is the first time I ever ever do a video showing this or even walking around and having this much dark roots showing but I am so fascinated I love seeing it I'm overdue to dye my hair and I'm looking forward to dying my hair after I do this video trust me but the interesting thing is is that my hair has reversed so I have to share it I have to you know when people you know question you or wondering why you're doing certain things I don't think you can really understand unless you're doing it yourself and so I'm just gonna share what's going on with me and it's just amazing to me there's so many things that have changed and you know before I a previous video I shared one of the other aspects that had changed for me and this is another one and this is pretty fascinating to me to see my hair change back and go to you know even though I don't like the darker color it's still fascinating that it's reversing so you can imagine what's going on inside your body as well if you've got your hair turning colors so this is so cool so I'm gonna try and show you if I tilt my head down you're gonna see that I've got dark roots from front to back and before I would see the dark my white hair as you can see the lighter part here before it was this why here is white patch that had started and then the second one here had gone completely across I was totally white in my bangs completely the only part that still had a little bit of dark was right at the peak just a little spot which used to annoy me to no end because of course when I was you know dying it there would be that I could still sort of see that dark little bit it was so resistant there but anyways the rest of it so I would see I would see white from the front to here before halfway to the back of my head so this part from about here to here would be completely white there was no point in really dying it because there was no dark it was white but and the darkness would be from from here to the back and now as you can see I've got darkness obviously still darker the back of my head but it's I've got shadow I have dark roots coming in from the right to the front of my head from the back to the front of my head so this to me is just totally totally amazing and this is due to my diet there's no other reason for it other than changing my diet it has changed my hair roots so this is fascinating to me and I have to share it so I thank you if you enjoyed this video please give me the thumbs up and if you haven't already please subscribe I'm sure I'll be sharing more things some things there be a little bit more personal and harder to share for sure but I'm sure I will get the courage to do so so meanwhile please subscribe and hit the notification bell and you'll know when I post another video so yes something like this has happened to you yeah please please share mention it in the comments below til next time see you later thank you thanks for watching bye bye

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