Luigi's Mansion 3 Gem Guide: 13F Fitness Center (100% Walkthrough)

There are 6 colored Gemstones to find on each floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 This guide will show where to find all of them on the 13th floor

The White Gem can be found in the office room to the left of the elevator Use the Strobulb to make a bell appear on the the desk and ring it Nothing will happen but when you go to leave, you’ll hear a simple pattern of rings Go back to the bell and ring it in the same way to have the gem ghost appear Defeat it to claim the gem

The Red Gem is located in the weight room Go to the scale at the back right corner and stand on it In the mirror, you should see a panel open containing the gem Use Gooigi to retrieve it To find the Blue Gem, head down the stairs in the locker room and grab one of the boxing gloves

Launch it at the sign for the pool to break it and reveal the gem The Green Gem is in the shower room After all the showers have been turned off, send Gooigi down the grate Below there’s a wheel that can be turned with the Poltergust Turn it all the way to the left to drain the water

On the right side, you’ll find the gem The Purple Gem is one we’re a little unclear on, but what we believe the process is involves the telephone in the elevator room The person on the other end will mention channel 3 and there happens to be radio in this room We turned to channel 3 and while the lights changed, no ghosts appeared After defeating the boss, we returned to this room where a gem ghost and two treasure ghosts were exercising on the treadmills

Defeat it to receive the gem The Yellow Gem is in the elevator room When stepping on the central circle, it’ll lower while raising the glass on the right Summon Gooigi on it to have the circle drop further and open the glass the entire way, freeing the gem And that’s all the gemstone locations on Floor 13! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Luigi’s Mansion and other things gaming

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