NATURAL BODYBUILDING vs STEROIDS: Discussing Natural Potential

you see a lot of videos on YouTube fitness and bodybuilding videos and in the comments there's a lot of people accusing somebody of taking steroids just because they have a big physique above average physique but natural potential is gonna vary from person to person just because somebody can't achieve something naturally doesn't mean somebody else can't so all this time that is being spent on the internet speculating and accusing somebody of taking steroids could instead be spent towards your own progress towards your own training it can be used as an excuse thinking that you can't make progress naturally so you don't even put in the effort right there's no denying the fact that taking stuff obviously gives people a boost helps you go past your genetic potential but natural potential is greatly underestimated in my opinion nowadays and why that is I have no idea maybe it's because people are looking for overnight success they're looking for the easy way out or they're just looking for an excuse to not train they don't want to hear that they got to put in work that it's gonna take time right as opposed to putting in the work for years I had overnight success took me about seven years seven years of consistent workouts on a day-to-day basis six days a week working out even when I got no sleep the night before sticking to my diet doing whatever I have to do right so you don't need to be taking something to get good results and you can't really predict what somebody's natural potential is or how much progress they can make in a certain amount of time so why even waste the time trying to accuse somebody of taking steroids who cares what effect does it have on your own training

Source: Youtube

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