Plant-based Diet for Beginners » WHY ARE YOU SO HUNGRY?

Hi everyone Jess here I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist and today were going to be talking about why you might still be hungry on a plant-based diet So eating more plants you'll definitely be eating a diet higher in fibre higher, higher in fruits and vegetables and lower in saturated fat from animal foods

But you might still be feeling hungry throughout the day and not exactly sure what you're missing or what you need to be doing so today we're going to be talking about 3 sort of tips and tricks on how to make sure you do feel full throughout the day So, tip number one is going to be to skip those starchy, convenient, processed carbohydrates So when I say that I'm talking about things like muffins from a coffee shop, granola bars, scones, croissants All those delicious baked goods that actually don't have any real nutritional value to them So, when I say also refined and processed what's happened is the whole grain has been really refined and the only part of the seed that you're left with has no fibre, has no fat, has no protein

Which is why if you rely on those for energy you're going to be hungry again in no time So, definitely skip those and make sure you are eating, tip number two a concentrated source of protein at every meal So, a concentrated sources of protein include things like a handful of seeds, it includes smoked tofu, so I think smoked tofu is a really easy gateway tofu into the tofu world It's ready to go you can chop it up throw it into absolutely anything Or you can also mix peanut butter with absolutely anything I think honestly on crackers on apples with bananas

So, really just make sure you are getting a good dose of protein at your meals in order to feel full throughout the day And tip number three is going to making sure you're actually getting fat as well So if you ever made a smoothie and then 10 minutes later you're feeling hungry again despite having a scoop of protein powder in your smoothie it might be because you don't have any fat in your smoothie So what fat does is it very similar to fibre where it breaks down really slowly in your body, which allows to feel energized and full throughout the day So, unlike when you rely on processed carbohydrates foods it is going to give you energy for about 10 minutes, half an hour and then it drops and when you do drop you don't just drop to a sort of normal you go below normal where then you are almost panicking where you need food really quickly because you have nothing left in the gas tank

So, definitley make sure you are skipping the processed carbohydrate foods your eating a concentrated dose of protein at every meal and maybe adding some fat to your meals as well So, in the smoothie example some heart healthy fat would be an avocado to your smoothie or even some almond butter or some peanut butter If you liked this video don't forget to hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe as well and if you want more information on concentrated sources of protein definitely check out this video on what that even means and where to get concentrated sources of protein into your diet

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