Potassium Diet The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight Faster

Experts from Israel decided using an experiment to find out the most effective way to lose weight And they find out Potassium Diet, The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight Faster

But before we know more, this is zash from health apt, if you want to know more latest health fact and tips like this, be sure to go down below, press the subscribe button and the notification bell so you are always notified on my latest videos See you after the break Israel experts have invited average 51 years aged volunteers to participate in their experiment, they divide them into several groups Each group was offered different meal plan than others All those meal plans are associated with the popular methods of losing weight

And the experts see that the best methods are the one, which is based on foods that contains potassium, with it you can lose weight very effectively The method helped to lose weight of the volunteers much faster than others, despite of their age The experts from Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, did the similar experiment and came to the same conclusions If you want to lose weight faster or keep your weight under control in a much more effective way, then you need to pay attention to the amount of potassium in your diet The best sources of potassium are: spinach (both raw and boiled), tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, shellfish, beans, yogurt, tomato juice, lentils, dried apricots and jacket potatoes

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