SQUASH FITNESS THE XL WAY | Planning | Episode 7

in this episode we cover planning for squash we previously listed the topics and this is the last of seven in the series excluding the bonus true volume video that is to come an athlete's goals determine the ultimate level they will train to our current level determines how early our goals turn into actions and planned events the better we are now and a rate of trajectory will determine how high we play when we asses the athletes current status we can recommend the events they should play and their relative importance once this is agreed we put together a plan for the year that includes blocks for training tapering and competing The goal-setting session takes place over a number of meetings we look for headlines but in reality I'm more interested in the supporting behaviours and the detailed training goals and behaviours that the athlete will work on

The goal setting example here is a cut-down version of what we would like an athlete to sign up for In the next meeting we take the goals and put together the playing schedule and ranked order we take account of any non squash activities from non professional athletes for example a school camp Based on our earlier testing sessions and knowledge of an athlete's training volume we identify potential fitness and skill goals and rank them we may have a young athlete weak aerobically a young pro looking to grow quads or an older pro looking for greater stability in the hit or under pressure In this slide we have a sample for one of our young pros the key events are PSAs satellites and nationals this is a busy schedule with limited breaks and taper weeks there are more key events than usual because each PSA is critical for a young pro starting out In the second slide we take away the playing season and are left with two decent training blocks for the year so now we have two blocks let's create a plan for one of them we apply the principles we know from the previous episodes note that we need the athlete to hold Fitness over the season so they are not wasting these periods rebuilding back to base for an example we take the January block as a strength building phase for our young pro getting stronger we have five weeks before tapering for the next satellite and they will follow this weekly outline plan to grow strength

If a young athlete aspires to be great they will need massive increases in ability to progress from the junior ranks to compete at a high level in PSA we discuss the fitness component of this challenge in more detail in our bonus True Volume episode This final slide points out how little room there is for error given the limited time available to train in the season and how important it is to work on maintaining levels during the year Too many athletes we work with are afraid to train hard in the season because they worry about losing insignificant matches this fear has to be faced before the athlete can progress to the next level Please like these videos and subscribe to our youtube channel follow SquashXL on social media come to one of the camps at XL or contact us for remote fitness coaching

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