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(whoosh) (upbeat music) – What's up Muscle and Strength? Chris Bumstead here, gonna be showing you guys a little twist on breakfast A little vegan version of breakfast that I eat

The main reason I kinda eat this is I have an autoimmune disease which kind of is often triggered by certain foods and you have to figure out exactly what foods kind of trigger you So I go through an elimination process And it can change too So I'll do this at least once a year I'll do an elimination diet where you kind of cut out a lot of things that could be potential triggers and then you slowly add them back in

And so one of the things that I had to take out was eggs And I love eating eggs Eating eggs for breakfast is just like, it just makes you feel like that's what you're meant to do when you wake up It feels weird eating chicken and rice or normal meals or whatever So I started looking on the Internet and trying to put together a different version of breakfast I could eat without any eggs or anything that was taken out of my elimination diet

And I came across this tofu eggs avocado toast kind of mix So ingredients for this meal are as follows: the bulk of kind of the protein content where the main foods coming from is gonna come from tofu And you definitely want to get extra firm or at least firm tofu 'cause if it starts to get soft it'll get mushy and it won't kind of give you that scrambled egg consistency And what you're gonna put into the tofu to kinda give it its flavor and its taste is a little bit of turmeric This is a good anti-inflammatory

And I added some black pepper as well 'cause it helps your body actually utilize the turmeric And the big flavor that kind of changes the compound of the tofu is nutritional yeast There's also a decent amount of protein in this and it's packed with B vitamins So if you're vegan and you're missing out on B6, B12 eating nutritional yeast definitely will get you what you need And then what I kind of put it on top of is I make some toast

So I'd probably do like four pieces of bread and smear some avocados on there and then that'll be the base and then you put the tofu creation on top and you're good to go First step is you put in the amount of tofu you want And then you just kind of break it up into smaller pieces You don't have to really fully mash it I use the side of a fork and just kinda cut it up till it's mashed a bit

And so still keeping the tofu in the bowl, when you wanna put in your nutritional yeast, turmeric, and black pepper Some people put other spices, whatever you want, like a garlic or something, whatever kind of flavors you enjoy that you think you would like in this you can totally add in I personally do like two tablespoons, maybe a little bit more Nutritional yeast is also something that you use to replace cheese sometimes in a lot of vegan things So it definitely has an interesting flavor to it that adds to the bland tofu-ness

And then you just mix it all together So I ate this meal for breakfast and kinda cut out eggs also for my diet for about two months total, I think And a big part of it, honestly, was because the only time I ate eggs were for breakfast and when I started eating this I actually enjoyed this meal so much I didn't bother going back I was feeling good eating it, digesting well, everything was going good so I just kept with it But then for me personally, when I did end up adding eggs back into my diet I didn't notice any kind of responses at all and it was the only thing added at the time, so I figured I'm good to go with eating eggs and I kinda went back into that realm of it

But this is definitely something in the future I would go back to eating for sure The next step you literally just take your full bowl of tofu, everything in there and you dump it in a frying pan I do it on a regular medium heat and you just kind of keep it on there pretty much as long as you want Obviously, tofu is a raw food and it doesn't get cooked or anything But I like to do it till, I'll leave it and move it around for like five to 10 minutes or maybe a bit less and then when one side starts to get a little bit crispy I'll shut it off and get the rest of it ready and then put it on top

Okay, so the next step while that's sitting on the frying pan, trying to kind of multitask You gotta plan it perfectly The hardest part of breakfast is planning your toast to come out perfectly If you've ever had family breakfast where four people are eating, then you're just gonna fail But when it's just you you can time it right

So we're gonna wait a bit to get the toast down in there but in the meantime I'm gonna make up the mashed avocado So you literally just cut the avocado up I put it in the same bowl because why waste dishes And then you mash it up and create your spread that goes on top of the bread So in my off season obviously everything kind of climbs up

But I usually hit a peak of carbs that I really can take eating Like what I'm eating 600 grams of potato in every meal and plus 300 grams of rice I kind of just feel crappy if I'm putting any more food in my body So from there I typically add in a lot more fats, like fats on every single meal Whether it's avocado, avocado oil, mac oil, whatever Definitely the easiest way to get calories down in the off-season

I've never cooked tofu before I started making this, or cooked with tofu I should say But I just go until it looks like it's done Until you're sure everything's hot, and like I said, starts to build, like a little bit of an orange crisp layer when it's on the frying pan And I personally like that, so I leave it on maybe a little bit longer than some people would, just so bits of it are almost crispy When I think those are close to being done over there on the stove and I hear them sizzling a good amount, toast goes down and we hope the timing will be right

(laughs) (beep) There's a rule to making toast If you have to put it down a second time, it will get burnt They're slightly over crispy Ow, very hot, but we survived, we pulled through These hold a lot of heat in these

Oh crap All right, so next step, I turned off the heat on the tofu because it was done So now we're gonna spread the avocado on the toast and then we're gonna dump the tofu on top Next step, literally just take your tofu off the pan and toss it on For my final touches, just to give it a little bit more flavor and because I love the taste of this nutritional yeast so much, I usually take kind of one more spoonful and do like a little drizzle on top

And finally a little bit of Everything but the Bagel seasoning just to make it taste delicious All right guys, hope you enjoyed this breakfast A little twist on the typical conventional breakfast We've got a vegan option, if you can't eat eggs, whatever It's a little twist you guys can add into your daily routine

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