Why the KETO Diet Causes Muscle Loss After 40 (Simple Solution!)

Hey, everybody out there Coach Dan Long with the Over 40 Protocol, and I'm in my dining room table here in my dining room

And yes, I have a stack of butter, lard, right here in front of me to totally go over with you– I'm going to answer the question today, if you're over the age of 40 can you lose muscle or maintain muscle on the ketogenic diet Yes, I'm going to is that for you Now listen, before I get started, OK, we go into this lard right here– you see this link around here? Don't click it Don't touch it Don't even look at it

Because I got to get you this amazing information first Because I did some research, and I did a ton of research to let you know the facts The facts are you should be consuming around 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight So I'm going to give you an example If I weigh 220 pounds, I should be consuming 220 grams of protein a day to also maintain lean muscle mass

But if I'm working out, I also want to maintain and be able to give the muscle what it needs to repair It needs one gram of protein per pound of body weight Now on the ketogenic diet, are you consuming even a half a gram of protein? The answer is no OK? Because for every ketogenic diet that someone's on right now out there– and listen, if you've been on a ketogenic diet for over 14 days, you need to really, really listen up OK? Here's the thing

In theory, you should be consuming no more than about 20% protein versus all of the lard Yes You are consuming up to 80% of just fats in order to get in ketosis Now you have to understand that ketosis is a consequence for the lack of carbohydrates Yes

Did you hear me? A consequence for the lack of carbohydrates Now I'm going to tell you, and I'm going to confess, I did the ketogenic diet I did a paleo diet I also did a vegan diet And I failed at them tremendously

Let me tell you why Vegan diet– I have to have meat It's just me It's one of the things that I– I'm not going to live for seven days a week and not be able to eat meat Some people can

God bless you That's amazing OK? Paleo and keto, let me tell you OK? I have to have carbohydrates And the carbohydrates– because here's what happens

I particularly get moody And the people around my house– because I have a family of five, three kids and an amazing wife– they do not want to be around me when it comes to me and the lack of carbs And again, ketosis is a consequence of the lack of carbohydrates, which you have to do when you're on the ketogenic diet So now if you've been on the ketogenic diet for over 14 days, you know exactly what I'm talking about And that's why I'm sitting here with this plate of lard today, to go over the ketogenic diet with you now

There is about 1% of anyone that I know– and listen, I have been training and nutritionally helping moms, dads, professional athletes, military, right, the people who are fighting for our country– military, Olympians, and here's the thing None of them– none of them, at a high level, were able to maintain a ketogenic diet for more than 90 days It's a fad diet It is what it is You have to understand, it was made specifically to treat epilepsy

Yes, epilepsy OK? Now can you lose fat? Sure you can You go into ketosis? Sure you can Can you get the keto flu? Yes, you can You can feel like you actually have the flu on the ketogenic diet for a period of time before you go into ketosis

And then you can fall out of ketosis even on accident, just if you consume too many carbs, which is– trust me it's not even 10% And to function on that daily is an issue So I'm here to bring you the facts One gram of protein per body weight is what you should be consuming to maintain lean muscle– right, everywhere you have it around your body to maintain the muscle– especially if you're over the age of 40 Now don't get too worried and don't get too excited

Because let me explain one great thing for you It's taken over 20 plus years to put all of this knowledge and create a system that will reset your hormones See you should be boosting growth hormone, especially over the age of 40 Like myself, I'm 46 years old My wife is 42

And you're about to see Shaun, he's 47 And you're going to see his wife, Karen She's 59, and she's using what I'm about to introduce to you to live a healthy lifestyle by resetting her hormones from all the fad dieting So if this is something that you're frustrated and sick and tired of, I have a one day solution for you And it's going to be at this link in a second

Now before I go there, do me a favor If you love this, if you want more videos from me, right now hit a like, hit a heart, hit a share for me Do that right down here Hit a like, hit a heart, hit a share And then if you know that right now that keto is not for you, I want you to put down in the comments below, I tried keto, two exclamation marks

I tried keto, two exclamation marks And by you hitting that like, that heart or that share, it tells me that you're looking for a reset You're looking for a non-fad diet solution, which I have for you today It's called the Over 40 Hormone Reset Solution It is a one day fix that helps over every 24 hours you use it, to give you the solution to reset your hormones if you're over the age of 40, like myself, and you want to live that healthy lifestyle

It will boost hormones It will boost metabolism And it will fight the aging process Yes, you can defy aging by using this exact system So if you're excited and this is old news, and this is not your solution– if it is, God bless you

Hey, amazing Because I will tell you, you're one of the 1% that can actually stay on it, and I wasn't If you're one of the 99% and you're looking for that one day solution, it's going to be at this link in a second that you'll click It will take you there Not only are you going to learn how to strategically use meal timing, you're going to learn how to strategically put combinations of certain foods together to create and activate this protocol

You're also going to be able to do– oh, are you ready for this? Look at this Say goodbye to the lard Say hello to the carb, back again Yes, this is one of my favorite, OK, one of my favorite cereals is Honeycomb cereal You're going to be able to take this, open up the box, pour you some amazing Honeycombs, put your milk in, and dig in

Another one of my snacks I love is pretzels Oh, my goodness We consume so many pretzels in this household Well, you cannot have these on the ketogenic diet, along with all the other carbs that you crave If you're looking to put these carbohydrates and all your favorites back on the table, you can do so right now by clicking the link that will take you to the one day, Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

It'll give you the exact program and protocol to put high carb cheat meals back in your diet and get the healthy lifestyle that you've been always longing for So I'm going to dig in I can't use this I'm actually going to grab my spoon here I'm going to dig into these Honeycomb while you go ahead and click the link now

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