Will Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

– [Dr Soni] What about people with certain medical conditions? – [Melina] Yeah – Obviously, I'm thinking about people with diabetes, or this obviously wouldn't be as tenable But I'm just curious if there any, any specific concerns people should keep in mind

– [Melina] You know, you bring up a great point because actually people with pre diabetes seem to do especially well with these fasting regimens because they have something called insulin resistance So the body is not responding as well to insulin, whose job it is, is to push the sugar into the cells And the initial research shows that people with insulin resistance actually do better And the idea is that by having some degree of fasting, even if it's only 16 hours, so there's another type of method called Time Restricted Feeding or 16:8 So even just during that time, your body's response to insulin improves, even if you don't lose weight

So it may be particularly effective for those people that tend to carry the weight around the middle We call them more apple-shaped, instead of pear-shaped In terms of diabetics, obviously, you want to discuss this with your doctor, because if you're taking medication to lower blood sugar, and you're not eating, you could get into some problems So that's diabetics, you really do have to be careful And anybody who's on a medication who has a chronic health condition, I mean, you obviously want to be much more careful, especially with prolonged periods of not eating and not getting the nutrients that you need

So I think taking these principles and not being so restrictive, because I really don't see how you could possibly get adequate amount of nutrition with nothing the entire day and be able to focus and concentrate and perform and be with your family and not be grumpy, so– – [Interviewer] That's make, that's such an important point that if you are engaged in a profession activity, that involves a lot of concentration and you have to be on top of it You don't want to be doing that, in the middle of a fasting and again, I would think not a good idea for kids either – [Melina] Oh no, definitely not, – [Interviewer] Not for kids and for the elderly too that they're gonna get dehy Dr ated much, much more quickly and potentially– – [Melina] Right and they're much, much higher risk of age related muscle loss So if you're not eating for an entire day, they're going to be losing muscle mass, which is much harder to regain The other thing that you don't wanna do, which I see very commonly in my office is that people eat one huge meal at night

And that actually research has shown can be more detrimental in terms of your health, blood sugar, blood pressure, diabetes, so again, if you have any medical conditions, very young, very old diabetics, talk to a doctor or dietitian first but I do think, listen, it's hard taking away some of the decisions could be a good thing for a lot of people – [Interviewer] Well, we heard it from the expert, thank you very much Dr Jampolis (laughing) (applause) So little bit of fasting, (applause) done the proper way Maybe a good idea

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