You Need To Know: Where Does The Weight Go When You Lose It

– Hey If you're having problems losing weight, and you can't figure out why, well today, I'm gonna give you some information on the chemical breakdown of how you actually lose weight

And, hey, my name is Brian AKA Uncle B, and for the last 20 years I've been the Men's Performance Coach with African Fly, the liquid aphrodisiac And as a coach, one of the issues we always have to deal with is the weight loss problem It's a problem for a lot of guys, for society, and basically because we don't look at it correctly, because we don't have the right information I'm about to give you that information I'm quite sure you've never heard this before

Specifically what I'm gonna talk about is the chemical breakdown of how food coming in, air coming in, how that gets released, how you're actually losing the weight, not just counting calories It's way more than that And as a bonus tip, I'm gonna tell you how you can use this information to your advantage And as always, if you like what you hear, go and hit the subscribe button, hit the like button, hit the notification bell, and what I'm gonna do is break this down 'til it cannot be broken anymore (upbeat music) All right, so when you lose weight, where does it go? And why don't you know the answer to that already? And the answer is no more build up

You lose weight by breathing And this isn't actually new (laughs) This actually was discovered in the late 1700s by Antoine, I'm not even gonna say his last name But basically what he discovered is that we get rid of food and the waste that comes from that by breathing We're breathing out CO2 and water

When you breathe out, 84% of it is coming out as CO2 The rest, the other 14% is coming out as just water, as in either through sweat, urination, or defecation And for a lot of people who just think when you're taking a dump that it's solid, it's mostly water Now, this information is coming back out through by a gentlemen named Ruben Meerman You can check him out

We're gonna have some links available so you can check out his Ted Talks below But basically he's broken it down just to information that we need so you're looking if you're trying to lose 22 pounds where 18 of those pounds is coming out through your breath The remainder is just coming out through, like I said, your urination, your sweatation, your defecation Now, whenever I tell people this, of course, the first thing they say, "You mean I can lose weight just by breathing in?" (Brian breathes heavily) No, no All you do is just hyperventilate

You're just gonna make yourself feel dizzy and possibly fall out So, no (laughs) You're not gonna do it by that It takes more work than that However, I'm gonna get to the math of what happens when you're just sitting down and breathing also So let's go ahead and break it down

You actually breathe 23,000 times a day That's a lot Every time you breathe, CO2 is coming out Now they done a survey of doctors, dieticians, and trainers, and the vast majority of them don't know this information They all tend to believe that fat turns into energy somehow, and that's not true at all

So when you're doing that breathing movement of inhale and exhaling, you're inhaling oxygen, you're exhaling CO2 And so basically you're inhaling two atoms, you're exhaling three atoms So, you're breathing out What you breathe out weighs more It's carrying that extra waste from your body

So let's just go ahead and get back into that chemistry Oxygen is actually the waste product of plants It's the waste product of the photosynthesis of plants So plants are taking water from the soil, and the sunlight is breaking up that water It's breaking up that H2O to give out that oxygen

So when we're talking about losing weight, when people are talking about increasing their metabolism, burning fat, all you're talking about is increasing the amount of CO2 that's coming out And just for those guys who are the keto, and all these different diet plans, it all comes out to the exact same thing where the ketogenesis, it's a different route to having that carbon dioxide coming out, (chuckles) but it all is the same thing All right, so let's talk about how you can use this information to your benefit And the first thing is to realize that a lot of people don't know this So whenever you're talking to your doctor, or a dietician, or a trainer, and they don't know this information, you have to be sort of suspect about what else they're saying, because, obviously, this is the basics

If you're trying to lose weight, and you don't know where it goes, how can you prepare for it? How can you set the right regiment or training for it? So when we're talking about eating and what comes out, so basically the question is how long does it take? So, for example, let's take lemonade Lemonade actually has lot of sugar in it, because it's lemon You're trying to make that sweet, but (laughs) let's take regular lemonade It has about 70 grams of carbohydrates in it In order for you to breathe that out just sitting still, it would take four hours

If you were to breathe that out while taking a walk, it's one hour If you're actually going for a jog, it's 30 minutes So you see the difference is intensity from sitting still for four hours, or taking a jog for 30 minutes to get rid of that same 70 grams This is the reason why high intensity interval training is so effective, because basically you're increasing that intensity, that intensity from sitting still to the intensity of jogging Imagine taking that even higher

So if you're jogging for 30 minutes, but you're actually switching that up, so you're doing high intensity interval training for a quick 30 seconds when you're really increasing that intensity, more carbon dioxide is coming out, and, of course, you see the sweat, more water is coming out That is how you're losing the weight So when it comes down to it, when people say eat less, move more, that's the reason for it So what you wanna do is eat less, but move more with the high intensity interval training so you can speed this process up Once you get to that point where you're like (breathes heavily), that is when you're in weight loss mode

So in conclusion, you lose weight by breathing it out 84% is coming out of your breath The rest is coming out through water When you're quote unquote burning fat, you're actually just increasing your metabolism You're actually just breathing out more CO2

When you exhale, it's actually heavier than (chuckles) when you inhale And the intensity of the exercise is what determines how much CO2 and water comes out So, question of the day Did you know this? (chuckles) Did you know that the way you lose weight is through breathing? Eh, I got a challenge for you Send us out to some other people

See if they know Does your trainer know this? Does your doctor know this? Does that person who keeps on giving you weight loss advice, (laughs) do they know this? Because it's important as a basis, everyone should know this piece of information And as always, if you like what you heard, first of all, go ahead and leave a comment down below But also make sure you subscribe, hit the like button, hit the notification bell This has been Uncle B saying, "Get your game up

" Peace out (upbeat music)

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